How Vaunt Works

Download the app for free and view all flights.


Download for free and start exploring fully private flights near you.

New flights are added to the app ever day. Typically, flights are posted 3-5 days prior to departure.

While some Vaunt routes are more frequent than others, these flights are not pre-scheduled.

All flights are currently continental US only.


See a flight you want? Join the waitlist.

Members can join as many waitlists as they want.

That's right, there's no cap on how many waitlists you can join or how many flights you take throughout your membership.

Once you're on the waitlist you can view the status, your position on the waitlist, and receive notifications if there are any schedule changes.

Each waitlist closes 24 hours prior to departure. if you're at the top of the waitlist when it closes, you'll be selected for the flight. Our concierge team will then reach out to arrange the details for the flight.

Lock in the #1 position with a Priority Upgrade.


A Priority Upgrade guarantees you the top spot for the flight.

Each member can use one Priority Upgrade per year, which allows you to jump to the top of the waitlist and secure the #1 position, guaranteeing you the top spot for the flight.

If two members wish to use their Priority Upgrade on the same flight, the first member to purchase and use theirs has the priority.


How waitlist priority works.

Private should never mean empty.

Waitlist priority based on variety of factors, including:

  • How long you've been a Vaunt member - the sooner you sign up, the better.
  • How long it's been since your last flight.
  • Membership referrals.
  • Opting into carbon credits.
  • Any prior no-show for a confirmed flight reduces your priority.

Confirm the flight.


You don't have to share the plane. But you'll want to share the stories.

Once you are offered the flight you have 2 hours to confirm the flight, otherwise it is offered to the next in line on the waitlist.

There is no additional cost to fly. Yep, that's right. There are no additional per-flight or booking fees for you or your passengers. Unlike other private operators who sell flights by the seat, with Vaunt you get the entire jet to yourself.

Next you need to decide who to fly with you as you get the entire cabin to yourself. You can bring friends, family or pets along for the adventure.


What you get with a Vaunt membership.

One flat membership fee of $995 covers the costs for all your flights for the entire year.

  • Access to all available flights and the waitlist for each flight.
  • Unlimited flights throughout the year. That's right. There are no restrictions on the number of flights you can take, so fly as often as you want.
  • Option to purchase a one-time per annum Priority Upgrade for $995.

Download. Take off.

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