Strategies for Last-Minute Private Jet Deals

Saturday, 03 February 2024 | 15 min read

Picture this: You have a long weekend and nothing to do. You want to take a trip or surprise a loved one with a visit, but your schedule is packed. Besides, booking a flight is too much hassle. You’ll have to Book the ticket, slug your way through the airport, stand in line at security, and possibly lose your luggage at baggage claim. The list goes on. But there is a way to get a last-minute flight that’s much more convenient and enjoyable.

By taking advantage of empty legs, also called repositioning flights, private aviation companies can provide more last-minute, budget-friendly private travel that gives anyone who wants it the chance to fly.

Last Minute Private Jet Deals

Vaunt is a new platform that allows members to snag last-minute deals on private flights for just an annual membership fee. By matching passengers with empty-leg flights, Vaunt lets you soar to new heights and fly on a private jet. These last-minute deals can be the key to unlocking luxury travel on a budget.

Last-Minute Jet Deals: The Advantages

If you’re ready to embrace spontaneity and take a last-minute adventure, look into booking an empty leg flight. These last-minute flights pose unique advantages compared to traditional charters and commercial flights. Some of these advantages include:

Advantages of Last Minute Private Jet Deal


Flying private means private. There’s no waiting in line, no cramming into a tiny middle seat, and no screaming babies (unless you bring your own). Flying private means you get the plane just for yourself and your guests. 

Don’t think getting a great deal means skimping out on luxury. When you book an empty leg flight, you’ll get the same in-flight experience as you would on a traditional charter. Large comfortable seats, a quiet cabin experience, updated lavatories, and, best of all, privacy and space can all be yours when you choose to fly empty leg.


A common concern about private flights is whether or not they’re safe. The good news is that private planes are just as safe as commercial aircraft. Private jets are subject to the same safety regulations and testing as commercial jets. This includes certification by the

Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). There are even special regulations that apply specifically to private jets and ensure their safety at all times.


One of the most significant benefits of these last-minute deals is their price point. These flights are far more budget-friendly than traditional charters or holding a jet card. Empty leg flights are typically around 75% off the regular charter price, anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000. 

How to Find a Last-Minute Private Flight

Sounds like a good deal. So, where can you find last-minute private flights that suit your needs? Flying private is more accessible than ever, so there are more ways to find a flight. Those include, but aren’t limited to:

Your Trusted Charter Operator

If you fly private often, you may already have a relationship with your charter operator. Giving them a call to see what they have available for last-minute charters or empty leg flights is a great way to get a flight last minute.

Your Jet Card

You can get a deal on a last-minute flight if you have a jet card. Jet cards are memberships where the holder has purchased a guaranteed number of hours of flying time on a private jet. Purchasing a jet card may give you access to repositioning flights and last-minute deals. If you currently hold one of these cards, contact the operator and have them notify you if any empty leg flights or repositioning flights pop up.

A Jet App – Like Vaunt!

This is a simple and convenient way to get a great deal on a last-minute private flight. The Vaunt app lets you view all flight waitlists in one simple, user-friendly interface. New waitlists are added every day for more opportunities to fly. The Vaunt app is an excellent place to start if you’re in the market for an adventure at the eleventh hour.

last minute private jet on the runway

How to Book a Private Jet Last-Minute

With Vaunt, booking a jet at the last minute is a simple process. The whole thing takes place in one simple, user-friendly interface. Your time is valuable, so don’t waste it waiting for loading pages on ancient sites. All you have to do is:

Download the App

Download the Vaunt app from the App Store or Google Play store. From there, you’ll be prompted to create an account, where browsing waitlists for empty leg flight offers is free. If you want to get right to flying, sign up for the membership and pay the annual fee of just $995.

Join the Waitlist

Once you’ve become a Vaunt member, you can browse the waitlist for empty leg flights. Vaunt adds new flights daily, so there’s no shortage of destinations. 

Get Selected and Prepare for Takeoff!

If you are first on the waitlist when it closes, then congratulations! You’ll be selected to fly. Vaunt’s concierge team will be in touch a day before departure to confirm the details. From there, your only job is to show up, relax, and enjoy the ride.

What to Consider While Choosing a Last-Minute Flight

Booking last minute can get you a great bargain on a private flight, but it doesn’t come without stipulations. Educating yourself on exactly how these flights work is the first step toward deciding if an empty leg flight is right for you. 

Remember that empty leg flights are one-way. This means you’ll be responsible for finding and booking your ticket home at the end of your trip. Choose a destination that’s convenient to return from.

Unlike a traditional private charter, empty leg routes are not customizable. You won’t get to pick where you take off or where you land. So, pick a destination you’d love to end up at from a takeoff point you can access easily. 

Keep all these in mind as you get ready to choose an empty leg flight offer.

What is the Price of an Empty Leg Flight?

One of the motivating factors for choosing empty leg flights is the price point. These flights are significantly more affordable than traditional charters. Taking advantage of them frequently can be more affordable than booking a round-trip commercial flight.

On a typical empty leg flight, you can expect to save up to 75% off the price of a regular charter route. With Vaunt, you save even more than that. Vaunt offers access to waitlists for empty leg flights for a one-time, annual membership fee of just $995. That’s less than what the average American pays for gas in a year. It will also save you money if you plan on taking advantage of this type of traveling more than once a year.

With a Vaunt membership, you’ll never pay more than your initial investment of $995. This $995 will cover booking, crew, fuel, and all other operating costs. With other jet memberships, you pay a monthly membership fee on top of the price per flight, but at Vaunt, you’ll never pay more than your up-front investment. Vaunt has absolutely no hidden fees. Pay one price, one time, and receive all the benefits of flying private.

Private jet sleek cabin

Get a Deal on a Last-Minute Private Flight With VAUNT

Last-minute travel doesn’t have to be stressful. By booking your empty leg flight with Vaunt, you save time getting where you want to go. One convenient process allows travelers to find and book private flights on short notice without toggling between multiple websites or dealing with airport chaos.

Just because empty leg flights are spontaneous doesn’t mean they aren’t just as luxurious as any other private flight. Vaunt provides a premium travel experience from beginning to end, even on 24-hour notice. 

If you’re itching for a last-minute getaway, download the Vaunt app today and sign up to become a Vaunt member. Book your flight and take a deep breath. You made it just in time.


Can you Book a Private Jet Last Minute?

Yes! By taking advantage of repositioning or empty leg flights, you can get a great deal on a last-minute flight on a private jet.

Are Last-Minute Private Flights More Expensive?

Not necessarily. You can save money on private flights by taking advantage of a membership like Vaunt. Vaunt asks for only an annual fee of $995, which is less than the cost of some commercial roundtrips. With Vaunt, you can get a great deal on a last-minute private flight.

Is it Safe to Book a Private Jet at the Last Minute?

Absolutely. The time you book your flight has no impact on the safety of the aircraft. If you’re worried about the possibility of cancellation, that always exists, but with Vaunt, you pay only an annual membership fee of $995, so no refunds are necessary. Book another flight at your earliest convenience.

What is the booking process for empty leg flights flights?

Vaunt’s booking process is simple. Just download the app, create an account, and get on the waitlist for the flight that interests you. If you’re selected to fly, Vaunt’s concierge team will be in touch to take care of the rest. It’s that easy.

Are there hidden fees associated with last-minute jet bookings?

There are zero hidden fees when you book a flight with Vaunt. That means no fees for booking, baggage, fuel, or crew. Pay your annual membership fee of $995, and you’re good to go.


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