The Ultimate Travel Hacks for Flying: Jet-Setting Secrets

Thursday, 08 February 2024 | 15 min read

As the old saying goes, it’s about the journey, not the destination. In this case, however, the journey might take you through long TSA lines, delayed flights, baggage issues, and squeezing into a middle seat between strangers – how fun! But with a bit of planning, you can avoid some of these issues and get extra perks. Implementing hacks is a solid way to level up your air travel experience.

Vaunt wants to remind the world that flying is a privilege, not a chore. Over the years, The flying experience has been complicated by bureaucracy, added fees, necessary safety measures, and more tedious tasks. By implementing these travel tips and booking a private flight with Vaunt, you can fall in love with flying all over again.

This article will go over travel hacks for different levels of flyers, from beginner to expert, to help you make the most out of every trip.

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Essential Air Travel Tips for Any Budget

No matter your budget, there are ways to make the flying experience easier and more affordable. Below are some simple air travel hacks you can implement before stepping foot in the airport. Whether you fly first class or coach, these tips are sure to take some weight off of your shoulders:

Air Travel Tips for Any Budget

  • Use points

One of the best travel hacks is to choose an airline and stick to it. This way, you can rack up points, also called miles, to put toward your next flight, in-flight food and beverage, and all kinds of travel perks. These airline loyalty programs aren’t just for those who fly frequently. You can earn points by flying, holding an airline credit card (more on that later), or flying with airline partners. 

  • Enroll in TSA PreCheck

Security can be the most tedious and time-consuming part of the airport experience. Sign up for TSA PreCheck to skip the long lines. PreCheck allows flyers to keep their shoes on, keep laptops and electronics in their bags, and forgo a full body scan. 

To Join, Check out the TSA website and learn more about the interview process.

  • Travel in the off-season

Have you ever struggled at the airport around Thanksgiving or Christmas? The Holidays are airports’ peak travel times, which means peak lines and crowds. People may go home for the holidays, have long weekends and time off work, or want to get away in the colder months, but if you can make the time, following this travel tip is a great way to avoid crowds. 

Though these times are convenient for traveling, they will cost you more time and money. Learn to avoid peak days, like weekends and right before holidays. Take advantage of weekday and off-season deals for specific destinations.

Pro Tips for Air Travel

These airline travel tips benefit frequent flyers, international travelers, and those who opt for a more luxurious travel experience. These tips may require a fee, but if you regularly find yourself at the airport, they pay for themselves in no time.

  • Take Advantage of Lounges

Save time by avoiding fighting for a seat at the gate. If you’re part of a loyalty program with an airline you fly on frequently, you may have access to their lounge. Lounges have more comfortable seating options, outlets, and free food and beverages for loyal travelers. Lounges can be useful on long layovers or if your flight experiences delays.

  • Global Entry

If you’re a jet-setter who travels internationally, Global Entry is a sound investment to save some time. Global entry is a pass that allows low-risk travelers to expedite the customs process when entering the United States for shorter lines to get home faster. Those enrolled in Global Entry also receive TSA PreCheck as part of their travel package.

  • Get a Travel Credit Card

Certain credit cards allow holders to earn points on everyday purchases that can be put toward their next flight. You can also earn miles when you purchase plane tickets or make purchases at the airport. This is a way for those who travel often to save big on flying and implement a travel hack in their everyday life.

Some airlines have their own credit cards that apply all points earned to air travel-related expenses, while others give you the option to apply benefits to travel along with other options. Deciding which credit card is right for you will depend heavily on how often you fly and how much you spend on travel. Learn more about some of the best travel credit cards for 2024.

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Travel Hacks for Long Haul Flights

If you have an upcoming flight longer than six hours, you can implement these tips and hacks to survive the long journey:

  • Book an early morning flight

The rumors are true. The earlier the flight, the less likely it is to be canceled. There are several reasons for this. For one, it’s less likely that you’ll be waiting on an inbound plane to land. There’s also a better chance of being rebooked the same day if your flight does experience delays or cancellations.

Think of your early takeoff time as an insurance policy. You pay the small price of an early morning for the security of getting where you’re going with plenty of time to spare.

  • Pick the best seat for you

Booking your flight as early as possible allows you to pick the most comfortable seat. There are a few tips to book seats based on your preferences. Booking a seat near the back of the plane assures that you’ll get the best service, though it may be a bit noisier. Booking closer to the front allows for earlier boarding, and less time dragging your bags through the narrow plane aisles. 

  • Prepare for jet lag

There are several things you can do to prepare for oncoming jet lag. Eating small meals and snacks in preparation for a long flight and saying no to alcohol can help your body adjust more quickly to a new time zone. 

Try not to sleep the whole flight if you can help it. Take small 15-20 minute naps to help you feel refreshed for a full day and be tired again by bedtime.

Private Jet Travel Hacks

These elite travel tips are helpful to those who want to take their flying game to the next level. Flying private is a whole new ballpark for enjoyable, streamlined travel. Flying private isn’t just reserved for the rich and famous anymore, it’s actually within reach for more people than you might think. 

With these tips, you can fly like the 1% for a whole lot less:

  • Jet cards

You might think that the ticket to getting on a private jet is buying the plane outright. This isn’t necessarily the case, plenty of non-jet owners fly private regularly. How? There are a couple of ways, but many choose to fly with a jet card. Jet cards, like this one from Volato, are cards that provide the holder guaranteed access to a private jet for a set number of hours. 

These can be expensive. They may not be the most economical choice for every traveler, but compared to full or fractional ownership, signing up for a jet card is a very reasonable way to fly private.

  • Empty leg flights

What if there was a way to fly private for less than the price of some laptops, headphones, or gym equipment? Well, there are – empty leg flights. This type of flying allows you to ride on a private jet for up to 75 percent off the price of a traditional charter. That’s right, there is a way to access multiple rides on a private jet for as little as $1,000 annually.

Empty leg flights are last-minute, one-way, private flights that provide travelers with the opportunity to fly in style on a private jet. These affordable alternatives to traditional charters allow.

Empty Leg Flights – the Ultimate Travel Hack

Empty leg flights, or repositioning flights, are private flights between charter locations that go empty. When a jet needs to reposition, it has to fly, whether there are passengers or not – this is an empty leg flight. Nearly 30 percent of all private flights are this type of passengerless flight. Empty leg flight providers like Vaunt want to stop this and match flyers with private jets. 
Vaunt is a membership that allows members to fly on a private jet multiple times a year for an annual fee of $995. You’ll never pay more for booking, baggage, or operating costs. A traditional charter can cost you somewhere between $5,000 to $10,000, and that’s on the lower side. When you sign up with Vaunt, you’re signing up to hack your travel experience for ultimate comfort and ease.
Learn more about the ins and outs of empty leg flights through Vaunt’s comprehensive guide.

Why Choose an Empty Leg Flight?

Empty leg flights are a great travel hack for those who want a premium experience without a premium price tag. You’ll receive all the benefits of flying private, including plush leather seats, an expedited boarding process, and the plane all to yourself.

Flying private is a unique experience that, until recently, was reserved only for those in the know. Now, flying private is well within reach of those who want to experience the magic. If you’ve ever dreamed of flying on a private jet but didn’t know where to start, flying empty leg could be your introduction to the world of private aviation.

What to Consider When Booking an Empty Leg Flight?

Though these flights provide a unique opportunity for a refined travel experience, there are a few things to consider before you book. Due to the nature of empty leg flights, they tend to be last-minute and are ideal for those with flexible travel plans.

Empty leg flights are one-way, so you’ll need to book your return flight for yourself. If you use the travel hacks mentioned above, this part should be a piece of cake. Overall, these flights are a fantastic option for spontaneous, flexible travel. Remember, it’s as much about the journey as the destination.

How do you Book an Empty Leg Flight?

If you want to step up your air travel game and implement the ultimate travel hack, book an empty leg flight with Vaunt. Booking a private flight has never been simpler. Follow these steps, and get to flying private today:

  1. Download the Vaunt app on the Apple App Store or Google Play store. From there you’ll be prompted to sign up for a membership.
  2. Explore the app and browse the waitlists for your opportunity to experience a private flight. There’s no limit to how many times you can fly, so join as many waitlists as you like!
  3. The waitlist will close 24 hours before departure. From there, if you’re selected Vaunt’s concierge team will contact you to work out the details.
  4. Now for the good part. Show up at the airport 20 minutes before your flight. Breathe a sigh of relief as you avoid lines and crowds. Bon Voyage!

Sign up with Vaunt to see where an empty leg flight can take you.

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Get the Most out of Your Journey With Vaunt

Everyone loves a vacation, but getting through the airport to get there is a different story.

Applying a few simple travel hacks can help you save time, effort, and grief during your travel experience. For your next trip, get inspired to try something new. Bypass the lines, relax in the lounge, or enjoy a unique new experience by flying private.

If you want to apply the best travel hack of all, look no further. Become a Vaunt member for access to new empty leg flights every day. Go ahead, join the waitlist, and book your first flight today. See just how simple flying can be.


What are the Top Air Travel Hacks?

There are many travel hacks available to flyers. Most involve making the security process easier, saving money on flights, and making your airport experience more comfortable. Enrolling in a miles or points program, taking advantage of lounges, adopting TSA PreCheck, and Global Entry all are great travel hacks.

Are There any Hacks to Skip Security at the Airport?

All airlines require some security, but enrolling in TSA Precheck or Global Entry can expedite the security process and get you to your destination faster.

If you want to forgo TSA, book an empty leg flight. These are private flights, which means you will go through the security process at a private airport. This is a short process that only requires you to show up 20 minutes before your flight.

What are Some Tips to Make Air Travel Easier?

There are many ways to make air travel easier. Being proactive about your flight and having a plan can simplify the booking, boarding, and flying process.

One hack to make air travel easier is booking an empty leg flight. Empty leg flights are private flights. This means the process is handled by a professional concierge team, so you can relax and focus on your trip. Flying private allows passengers to skip TSA and airport hassle.

Are There any Travel Hacks for Flying Private?

Choosing an empty leg flight is the ultimate travel hack. Choosing to fly empty leg lets you fly private for a much smaller price tag than a traditional charter, skip the lines and crowds, and enjoy a quiet, peaceful flight.

Book an empty leg flight with Vaunt to see just how enjoyable flying can be.

What is an Empty Leg Flight?

Empty leg flights are private repositioning flights that are scheduled with no passengers. These planes fly from one location to another when the jet is chartered whether there is someone to enjoy the flight or not. Vaunt wants to match potential flyers with these flights and provide the opportunity to fly private on a budget.

How do you Book an Empty Leg Flight?

It’s easy to book an empty leg flight with Vaunt. Just download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play store, sign up for a membership, and get right to browsing flights. Join the waitlist for the flight of your choice, and if you’re selected, Vaunt’s concierge team will be in touch to arrange the details.

Pay a on-time annual fee of just $995, never a penny more, for access to daily empty leg flight waitlists.


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